Oct. 20, 2017

Week one of quarter 2 is now complete, and only 8 weeks left in this shorter quarter until Christmas Holidays. It will be a busy couple of months with lots of different, fun activities.

Here's what we did in the classroom today:

Language Arts/Reading- Chose a topic for a descriptive paragraph and wrote adjectives to describe it, four students brought in an item for Show and Tell, and the students listened to a monster poem.

Science - we went to the computer room to work on research on an animal's life cycle.

Math - we had an interactive notebook activity and multiplication games to practice the strategies we've learned

Social Studies - found differences between rights and responsibilities, and began our Government Fairy booklet. We will be using this booklet and the textbook for this quarter.

1) Science research project - some of you have already finished
2) Reading - please add 2 words into your WOW vocabulary booklet

- next Friday is All Saints Day - we will…

Oct. 19, 2017

We had another fun day in the classroom.

In Language/Spelling, we started with a spelling test, and then had three students tell a story. This quarter during storytelling, we will be looking for more detail in the stories.

During Math, we practiced strategies to multiply with 3 and 6.

We distinguished between complete and incomplete metamorphosis and completed an interactive notebook activity.

New Spelling Words:
witch, which, zombie, ghost, mummy, skeleton, costume, pumpkin, vampire, spider, monster, haunted, scared, trick or treat

1) Science - please answer the following questions in full sentences
   a) What is a life cycle?
   b) How is complete metamorphosis different than incomplete metamorphosis?
   c) What kind of metamorphosis does a butterfly go through? How do you know?

2) Math booklet p. 71
3) Final Exam corrections - please have all your corrections completed on each exam, and hand it in with a parent signature

- tomorrow is Show and Tell for the chosen 8 …

Oct. 18, 2017

Welcome to mid-week!

It was a busy morning in the homeroom classroom and here were our objectives:

Language Arts/Reading - understand the goal of a descriptive paragraph, define new vocabulary from Max's Words, and use different verbsSocial Studies - distinguish between rights and respobsibilities Math - use strategies to multiply with 5 and 10 Science - explain different stages of a life cycleHOMEWORK: 1) LA - spelling word verb sentences - Please choose a spelling word and 2 different verbs to write one sentence of at least 6 words. Please choose 8 spelling words to make 8 sentences.  Example 1: The butterfly saw the flower and landed on its petals. Example 2: Mr. Y likesSeptember so he can play outside.
NOTICES: - spelling test tomorrow - All Saint's Day activity will be October 27. The theme for costumes is Famous Historical Figures. You can choose to follow this theme to maybe win a prize, but it's up to you. - our students did a wonderful job on Student Council Spirit Da…

Oct. 17, 2017

Today was a busy day beginning new material and reviewing quarter one exams.

Language Arts/Reading was first and the students listened to a good example of a descriptive essay as that will be our next focus in writing. We also defined new vocabulary for our next Journeys story, "Max's Words." Finally, we reviewed the final exams.

During Social Studies, we discussed the importance of government.

In Math, we practiced strategies to multiply with 2 and 4.

The students observed and described different stages of life cycles in Science.

1) Math p. 135
2) Please complete all Final exam corrections by Friday

- Student Council Spirit Day is tomorrow! Please wear clothes that have red, blue, and/or white as those colors are in the flags of Taiwan and Thailand. We will also have some fun activity to do tomorrow.
- Thank you, parents, for coming to today's meeting. I hope it can you a good recap of quarter one and a glimpse of what to expect in quarter two. Once…

Oct. 16, 2017

It sounds like you all had a wonderful weekend free of homework and now you're ready for quarter two!

In assembly this morning we welcomed the students from Thailand and had a short presentation on "Studiousness." The students did a wonderful job sharing their favorite ways of studying.

During the homeroom classes we did some housecleaning and organizing, gave out some Dojo prizes for the first quarter, began planning for the Student Showcase (Nov. 18), and also had a special treat celebrating Fiona's birthday. Thank you for sharing!

New Spelling Words (Oct. 19)
collect, ragged, sorted, rapidly, life cycle, September, seedling, flower, eraser, chicken, eighteen, February

1) Reading Log: you must also add 1 new word in your WOW vocabulary booklet

- tomorrow will be the parent/teacher meeting at 3:30pm. Please check Friday's blog for more details. We hope you can all make it.
- all the students in the after school activity had a great time playing w…

Oct. 13, 2017

It's Friday the 13th, but more importantly, the first quarter is officially complete!  Well done students for your hard work and improvement these past 2 months, and I'm looking forward to our next challenges and lessons in quarter 2.

This morning were our last final exams in Social Studies and Reading. We managed to squeeze in some time to practice for our presentation on Monday during Assembly.

1) Reading Log - please begin completing your reading log again

- next week we will be having students from Thailand come to spend time with us. They will be joining us in some activities throughout the week, so let's show them our best DISK behaviors and have some fun with them
- Tuesday is the Parent/Teacher meeting at 3:30pm, however, you are welcome to go to the Conference Room at 3:15pm for some refreshments. The students will be brought down at 3:30pm and I can then take you back to the classroom where I will begin my short presentation at 3:45pm. I will be …

Oct. 12, 2017

Only 2 more exams to go!!  Just a reminder that you need to remember to read the questions carefully and try to underline the key words. And please remember to check your answers.


1) study

- tomorrow is also a half day, so please be prepared to go home at 11:15am
- casual day tomorrow as well, so feel free to wear appropriate casual wear or your PE uniforms
- please remember to bring in ALL of your subject textbooks, notebooks, and booklets. You do not need them over the weekend as you will be giving your brain a nice rest after using it so much lately.

Thank you.

Have a great day!

Mr. Yaremchuk