Aug. 23, 2017

Happy Wednesday everyone!

This morning in Language Arts and Reading, we began with voting for our Student Council vice-president and making a list of values that we cherish here in our grade 3 classroom. The students then took turns working on their Read to Self and Work on Writing staminas, reading and answering questions to A Fine, Fine School, and finally listing different kinds of nouns. 
After recess was Social Studies where students worked in pairs (and one group of 3) to answer questions on their map hunt. They got a map some a part of Taiwan and practiced locating things and using map skills.
Just before lunch, the students estimated differences by using compatible numbers or rounding. 
In Science, we continued working on the data tables and had the chance to survey the rest of the class on whatever topic each group chose. 
HOMEWORK: 1) Math booklet p. 17 2) Science p. 27
NOTICES: - spelling test tomorrow - reminder to sign the last page of your handbook and hand it in

Aug. 22, 2017

Well there was a typhoon that just missed us, but hopefully everyone in Taitung and Pingdung County's are ok.

It was another busy Tuesday for us in G3. The students were hard at work in each subject:

Language Arts/Reading - discussed the purpose of writing, Cafe Menu - connect to the story, and finished A Fine, Fine SchoolSocial Studies - compared different maps and followed cardinal and intermediate directionsMath - reviewed chapter 1 and learned the steps to problem solving (see pictures below in Homework)Science - described ways scientists use data to communicate resultsHOMEWORK: 1) Social Studies p. 21 2) Math - create an addition math problem and solve it. Please make sure the two addends have 3 digits each. Here is an example of what the problem can look like:

NOTICES: - PE day tomorrow, please bring your PE clothes - reminder to read the Parent/Student handbook and return the last page with your signature on it - the Reading Logs have been going very well, and thank you paren…

Aug. 21, 2017

Welcome back to another week at DISK. It was great to meet many of you and discuss our plan for this school year. Thank you again for coming.

This morning was Assembly and our Tremendous Third Graders had a presentation on St. John of Cologne. The students made some beautiful posters and shared a quick fact about our Saint. Great job, students!

In Reading today we went to exchange our Library books and then came back to the class to review the vocabulary words from A Fine, Fine School. We also read a little more of the story.

The students were able to use place value for addition in Math today. We had stations the students rotated through, which included book work, games, and meet with Mr. Y.

Library - the teachers had their monthly Professional Development (PD) meeting so the students had some extra Campus Ministry time.

1) Math booklet p. 15
2) LA: Picture Dictionary - First, please choose 5 spelling words. Then draw a picture and write a sentence of at least 6 words for ea…

Aug. 18, 2017

It feels as though time is flying and we have already completed week 2 of school. Big day tomorrow! (details below)

It was a busy, busy Friday and the students did a wonderful job working together and independently. Here's what happened in the Tremendous Third Graders classroom:

Language Arts/Reading - practiced a Cafe Menu item - Back up and Reread, built Work on Writing stamina, and listened to a story to discuss the characters, setting and problem.Social Studies - made generalizations based on informationMath - used strategies and properties to addScience - identified tools that scientists use - students presented the tools they had to label and find the meaning ofHOMEWORK: 1) Math p. 28 2) - by now you should all be signed up with and are ready for a quiz. Please sign into Read Theory with your gmail account, and then complete a quiz. When you log in, there should be a quiz available on the page you see, but if not, then look at the top left corner…

Aug. 17, 2017

Two more days until the Parent/Teacher meeting. More details are in the "Notices" part of the blog.

We started the day with ELA and we worked on building our Work on Writing stamina and we also discussed parts of the Word Work section of the Daily 5 program.

During Science, the students worked in groups to discover the names and purposes of tools that scientists use. They will present what they know tomorrow.

In Math and ECA, the students designed posters they will present on Monday for Assembly on our patron, St. John of Cologne. It was great to see some really good group work.

1) Reading: Complete the worksheet. You can use a book you are currently reading, or any book you have already read to answer the questions on the worksheet.
2) Reading Log

- PE day tomorrow, please wear your casual clothes and an extra shirt if you need to change
- as mentioned earlier, the parent/teacher meeting is this Saturday. You are welcome to bring your child(ren) to school a…