Apr. 25, 2018 (Wednesday)

It was a busy, busy day in the G3 classroom today.

This morning we completed the following tasks:

Language Arts/Reading - quiz on chapter 1-5 of Frindle, began summarizing an article about food in school, defined new vocabulary for the new story Science Fair

Social Studies - distinguished between saving and spending

Math - found the unknown length of a side

Science - identify properties of solids, liquids, and gases

1) Science p. 360-362
2) Reading Log/Book Report

- please return your field trip permission form with the fee by Friday
- spelling test tomorrow
- Science Day is Friday and a reminder that there will not be any after school activity Friday afternoon

Have a great evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk

Apr. 24, 2018 (Tuesday)

We were a busy group today in the classroom working on writing skills, group work, measuring, and describing.

Here's what we did:

Language Arts/Reading - listened to reading Chapter 6 of Frindle, completed the paragraph summary about robots, used conjunctions to make compound sentences, and reviewed the quiz on prepositionsSocial Studies - reviewed the effect supply and demand has on the prices of products Math - found the perimeter of shapes Science - described the physical properties of matterHOMEWORK:
1) Math booklet p. 217 2) LA - paragraph summary - if you didn't complete the work in class, please write the short paragraph summarizing the robot article. Remember it must discuss the main idea: students stay home and robots go to school 3) Reading Log and Book Report
- Frindle Chapter 5 quiz tomorrow (review the chapter summaries) - Spelling test on Thursday - Friday is Sports Day - please note that after school activities are cancelled for Friday, students will be dismi…

Apr. 23, 2018 (Monday)

Summer has arrived and it's getting warmer out there every day. Just a reminder for parents to have your child(ren) bring a hat to school.

This morning we had Assembly, followed by Art and Music.

In the afternoon I finally had the students. They had a quiz on Yonder Mountain and then we reviewed some idioms and practiced making sentences with a new one, "couch potato."

We reviewed the Math quiz and began a new unit on area and perimeter. The students used geoboards to make squares and rectangles and calculated the perimeter.

1) Math booklet p. 215
2) Reading Log - continue completing your Reading Log every day this week and get a BONUS step up the ladder to earning your Golden Ticket.
3) Book Report - you should already have a minimum of the first 2 chapters read. Keep reading and work on the other pages in the report.

- quiz on Frindle will be moved to Wednesday morning
- spelling test on Thursday
- Science Day is on Friday

Have a fantastic week everyon…

Apr. 20, 2018 (Friday)

Another week has come and gone, and we had a great way to end the day watching the Kindergarten Showcase. They all did a fantastic job having a cute performance.

Here's what happened in the Tremendous Third Grader's classroom today:

Language Arts/Reading - read and responded to the rest of chapter 5 in Frindle, began writing a summary of the robot article, reviewed Yonder Mountain, and had a pop quiz on prepositions.

Social Studies - explained how the supply and demand can affect prices of goods

Math - wrote a quiz on unit 10

Science - described different properties of matter by putting objects into groups

1) Frindle vocabulary sentences - please write sentences and draw a picture for each vocabulary word
2) SS - My Future booklet p. 14 - complete the worksheet on Supply and Demand (the definitions are in your booklet)
3) Book Report - please work on your book report project

- Monday we will have a quiz on Yonder Mountain
- Tuesday we will have a quiz on Frindle c…

Apr. 19, 2018 (Thursday)

It was a quieter day in the homeroom today.

In Language Arts the students wrote a spelling test and then listened to other students tell or read some stories.

We reviewed chapter 10 in Math to prepare more for tomorrow's quiz.

The students wrote the quiz on Earth and the Moon in Science.

During ECA, some students got to play Reading Log-opoly. There have been some good prizes handed out so far.

New Spelling Words for 4/26:
report, erupt, trade, area, square, liquid, matter, frindle, length, swimming, running, presentation, creative, barter, perimeter, profit, solid, glanced, matter, nervous

1) Reading - Yonder Mountain comprehension questions - please copy down the questions in your notebook and answer them in full sentences.
a) What was similar about the things Black Bear and Grey Wolf brought?
b) If you Chief Sky was your Chief, would you agree with his decision about the new Chief? Explain.
c) List 5 things that would make a good leader. (ex. leadership)
d) This story i…

Apr. 18, 2018 (Wednesday)

The students have been working rather hard this week and moving towards earning their Golden Ticket.

This morning in Language Arts/Reading the students listened and responded to half of chapter 5 in Frindle (it's a long chapter). We then read through an article and highlighted any important sentences, phrases or words that are useful in making a summary. The students watched a video on plagiarism so they are aware of how we need to write our own research and homework in our own words. Finally, we discussed Yonder Mountain.

In Social Studies, we reviewed profit, and distinguished between trading and bartering. The students also bartered goods with each other.

We solved problems about liquid volume and mass in Math.

The students needed more review on the moon and Earth unit, so we reviewed some concepts and postponed the quiz until tomorrow.

ECA was used for reviewing time in Math for the quiz tomorrow, reading through the Reading Final Exam Part 1, and playing Reading Log-opoly.


Apr. 17, 2018 (Tuesday)

It was a gloomy day outside, but not inside the classroom! The students worked hard on various tasks today, and their behavior was very good. Some students are getting closer to getting their Golden Ticket.

Here's what we did today:
Language Arts/Reading - read and responded to chapter 4 in Frindle, reviewed prepositions, and read an article to find important details/words to being making a summary.Social Studies - reviewed vocabulary and discussed profits for producers Math - estimated standard units of mass in kg or g. Science - reviewed the causes of high and low tides, and also reviewed for tomorrow's quizHOMEWORK: 1) LA booklet p. 164 2) Math booklet p. 207 3) Reading Log - read your book report book - you will receive your book report booklet tomorrow
NOTICES: - quiz in Science unit 8 tomorrow - quiz in Math and spelling test on Thursday - PE tomorrow, please wear your PE clothes
Have an amazing evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk