Dec. 11, 2017 (Monday)

We finished with our Science Final Project presentations today, and wrote two exams. Two more final exams to go!!

Here are some reminders for the rest of the week:

- please bring in your Secret Santa gift tomorrow or Wednesday, and please write the name of who it goes to

- let me know if you do not have pyjamas and slippers for Friday's Christmas performance as we can try and find extra ones for you

- Pizza party is Wednesday. We will also have some drinks and snacks.

- please return all your books/booklets/textbooks/exams/quizzes tomorrow and we can put them all away and into the portfolios

- tomorrow is the last day to hand in any homework/booklets/Reading Logs

Happy studying today - tomorrow's exams are Social Studies and Language Arts

Have a nice day!

Mr. Yaremchuk

Dec. 8, 2017 (Friday)

We had a jammed packed morning of review and Science final presentations. And then we enjoyed the wonderful field trip to the orchestra. They were amazing.

1) Think Tac Toe - this is a good way to study for the exams, but you do not need to do it

- Final Exams on Monday - Reading and Math
- Final Exams on Tuesday - Social Studies and LA
- please refer to yesterday's handout regarding the rest of next week's events.
- Wednesday will be our pyjama pizza party. You can come to school wearing your pj's and also bring your PE uniforms to change into for the afternoon
- please bring your Reading Log AND your WOW vocabulary booklet to school on Monday (if you didn't today)
- For Monday, please return all your Reading and Math materials (notebooks, textbooks, booklets), but keep all the rest for studying still

Have a great weekend, and good luck to the soccer team tomorrow! 


Dec. 7, 2017 (Thursday)

Wrapping up units and reviewing was on the agenda today.

We reviewed subject-verb agreement in ELA.

In Math we reviewed Chapter 6, and in Science the students completed their beautiful ecosystems. We had enough time for one group to present their ecosystem. Great job by all the groups. (final group pictures will be posted tomorrow).

1) Science p. 177-178
2) Hand in your Reading Log tomorrow for assessment

- tomorrow is casual Friday, so feel free to wear appropriate casual clothing. We do not have PE tomorrow as we are going to watch the orchestra in the afternoon.
- students have received our schedule of events for next week, and it is also posted in this blog
- reminder to students to bring back books or notebooks you may have forgotten to hand in today

Have a lovely evening!

Mr. Yaremchuk

Next Week's Schedule:

Monday          Tuesday        Wednesday       Thursday          Friday
Morning - Reading Final - Math Final - Social Studies Final - LA Final - Christmas Pyjama…

Dec. 6, 2017, (Wednesday)

It was a fun, eventful day today, and here's what we did:

Language Arts/Reading - wrote a quiz on verbs, a few students shared a random story, and students wrote a story related about ChristmasSocial Studies - students had their last day of acting like a President. Today they worked with a partner to try solve a world issue Math - we used this time to finish up with Science to identify and describe environmental changes by people and natural causes Science - Final project time - students are working very well together and they are near completion. We will begin presentations tomorrow.HOMEWORK: 1) Math booklet p. 124 2) Narrative Essay good copy - time to publish your essay - you can either write it double spaced in your Work on Writing notebook, or type it in the same document as your Descriptive essay.
NOTICES: - final exams tomorrow: Computer, Health, Christian Living - Friday - Field Trip to the Orchestra - reminder that we do not need to bring anything as we will return at 3pm  - …

Dec. 5, 2017 (Tuesday)

We had a fun day combining lessons and Christmas concert practice and the final project in Science.

In Language Arts/Reading, the students wrote a quiz on Young Thomas Edison, wrote a reflection for their narrative, reviewed verbs, and sang Christmas songs.

In Math, we used division rules for dividing with 1 and 0.

For Social Studies, the students got to think and write about 2 new laws they would make if they were President, and draw a picture as if they were posting something on Instagram!

The students continued working on their final projects in Science. So far they are looking really awesome!

1) LA booklet p. 150
2) LA Narrative essay - you may type it on a new page of the Descriptive essay document you used before. The due date is now Thursday morning, but if you finish it tonight, please let me know. Be sure to read your reflection from today and change what you said needs more work.

- Chinese and PE final exams tomorrow
- Christian Living, Computer, and Health …

Dec. 4, 2017 (Monday)

Final exams have begun again, as we start to wrap up the calendar year.

We reviewed Young Thomas Edison and the vocabulary in Reading.

In Math, the students wrote related multiplication and division facts.

We also had time to finish up the ecosystem posters.

1) Math booklet p. 119
2) LA - final copy of Narrative essay due Wednesday (you have the option to type it in the Google Document or write it in your Work on Writing notebook

- quiz on Young Thomas Edison tomorrow
- next final exams are Chinese and PE on Wednesday
- students received all their quizzes from Q2 so they can be used for review or studying. Please keep them all together so you can return them next week.
- the Orchestra field trip permission form needs to be handed in tomorrow, please
- I messaged all parents regarding a Christmas gift exchange. Please read the message and respond if you would like you child to join or not
- finally, second semester tuition forms were also handed out

Christmas Concert
- …

Dec. 1 - Wanpi World Safari Zoo