Feb. 14, 2018 (Wednesday)

Happy Valentine's Day!!  We had a wonderful last day before the Chinese New Year holiday.

We started with Ash Wednesday Mass and then prepared for the field trip. It was such a beautiful day for this walk to the park. This perfect weather made everyone happy and also a little tired from the walk and scavenger hunt we did in the park.

1) Social Studies - please complete each page of the "booklet"
2) Social Studies - please write down the events/activities you did over the Chinese New Year, and we will work with that information when we return. You can write what you did down like this example:
- went to grandma's and ate lots of food like oranges, fish, rice, pork
- played with my cousins
- went to E-Da and played a VR game
- went to Taipei to the museum

3) Math booklet - please review unit 8 and complete the booklet that may be incomplete or not correct. We will review unit 8 again before moving on to unit 9.

- have a great Chinese New Year holiday!  …